Smartphone for 9 thousand with a powerful battery that will prove itself again and again

Smartphone for 9 thousand with a powerful battery that will prove itself again and again The more smartphones released, the more they become more and more interesting. Sometimes you can choose only one gadget for yourself, while the others are just fine. The time has come for some, but now it's time for some others. Perhaps, for some, the choice will come down to a simple slider on the keyboard or a menu in the browser. But for many, the matter is still open. So let's deal with the device with a high degree of precision:Samsung Galaxy M31. True, this is a more expensive Samsung flagship than the Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20+ (but it is noticeably cheaper). But here's the disadvantage: the fingerprint scanner is nowhere to be seen. This point can be corrected by adding a "Tab" key (the shortcut will be located on the smartphone itself). The screen dimensions are exactly the same as those of the Samsung Galaxy S20, so you can't say much about the lack of optical zoom. Let's talk about iron in more detail. Technical specifications of the device:The processor. Samsung Exynos 990 is the company's chipset. Of course, it's not the most powerful, but it can handle all modern demanding software (including demanding games).The screen. 6.4" with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels. The AMOLED display has a good margin of brightness, and it's pleasant to use the screen without unnecessary cuts and darkens (as in the case of some competitors).RAM. At this point, Samsung can really be called a smartphone for 9 thousand$. It is worth paying attention to the amount of RAM: as much as 8 GB. In most cases, this will be enough for stable operation of the system and a minimum number of slowdowns.Built-in memory. In the case of some, the built-in memory can be said as much as 128 GB: an excellent storage device that can accommodate many different files. With this amount of memory, you can forget about a shortage.The camera. The main camera has the following indicators: 12 MP + 8 MP + 5 MP + 5 MP. To be honest, the photos don't look very good. But instead of the standard lenses, the user gets a set of abilities that are not found in every flagship. In the hands of a selfie camera, the camera has no competitors, so take it. The front camera is also quite good.NFC. Another advantage of the device is the contactless payment feature. Samsung can boast of its good autonomy, and these are the only two words that you need to use for something to be more comfortable.Battery. The battery capacity is 4150 mAh: the indicator is quite good, so the Galaxy M31 will not disappoint. There's also a 10W charging adapter present, which, although not the most popular,